it's not friday in NYC

feelings submitted on a non-friday will be punished with a cosmopolitan light-gray text color

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monday morbin'

Pretty good!





linguistics more like hardguistics


feelin good


"you were a big deal on twitter, i can tell" -my very nice wife

how's rauru feeling, is the real question we should be asking

Sneezing directly onto the feelings supply guy’s face while he sleeps by accident / negligence

so tired

coffee unlocking something within me



not friday. again

tight muscles

futurewife interection

bucolic chive harvesting ruined by determined mosquito

Lego movie. Let’s go move or die

get away from my bellybutton

monday + undulate = mundulate

sunday + undulate = sundulate

happy to be happy <3

mean frog is revealed to be big nice frog after some investigation

mean frog alert


but that said, it's cringe when a man tries to use markdown and it doesn't work

''feels'' good to be engaged to the feelings supply guy

are there any tweets in the household

shell ([even quieter voice] shell)

chicken baby

''We could have our OWN baby''

frog feels cannot be reached when i try to click which is disappointing because frog is one of my comfort words

busy! in a good way

exploding. absolutely exploding

a frog reclines on a lily pad in the sun. the mega frog ball is happening next week. he asked his crush to be his date. she said yes

I am overflowing (tall Murano glass cup) with love for Hao Lian

hannah is cute

everybody is wrong about everything

i didn't realize the main contributor to asahi linux was a virtual girl, and i also didn't realize it was mostly in rust https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO3tVMzqMoI

scallions would be a good username



wikipedia links will be buffered here while we wait for basilica's tls certificate to renew


cheekon nuggets

it _does_ appear


what a chain

sound grammar by ornette coleman

it appears !

if i write something here, where does it go ?

the only social network not blocked by my company's firewall

serows are beautiful



I think I might be in love

hi to yourself

new tmbg album BOOK is much beloved by this author, held in high esteem, especially in consideration of all the time that has passed, etc.

I feel alright. Looking forward to start a new project.

so strung out


What if cat really spelled dog ?

thanks, rebecca

sammy samosa

what if we collectively banned general tso's chicken

hope you find your way


not well at all

not well


this lantern must always remain lit

no problem, i love asking

thank you for asking :)

it went well! i’m still not fully unpacked (i only just got a dresser this weekend — moved two weeks ago!) but things are feeling good. the house that i’m living in is lovely, my housemates are lovely, and i’m excited to be back in a city!

how did the move go?

moving today

um, yes i have a question for you: how does it feel to be different

"how does it feel to be significantly older" is a question someone at work thought would be appropriate to ask at a q&a

oh i am so incredibly frustrated rn

feeling little feelings, feeling jet lagged, feeling happy

happy friday


oh shit it's friday

that resident neutral joke was pretty good

heck yeah it’s thursday and i am delighted

Join Your Local Bridge Club

feelings.supply is the only social network not banned by any corporate firewall

what's up, dogs


very done with the week

blunted, subdued, palpitations in my chest

happy friday :) feeling good, feeling whole-hearted, feeling ready to be done with work although i’m not *quite* there yet

if the second vaccine shot is worse than the first shot, what would happen if you received a third shot

It's Good Friday. A Good Weekend follows.

i hope i never have a stroke



resident good, resident neutral, resident evil

guh gah goh

what is it to be seen? — should i be scared of being seen?

I feel energized

the sequel to alice in wonderland is alice in wondercountry

big and small at the same time

unreliable forms

uhhhhhhg all the forms on my site have apparently been silently failing for the last two months and i don’t know how to fix it

one feeling two feeling red feeling blue feeling


avada kedavra

beep bop da doodle bop

did end up focusing a lil (i’m feeling relieved and content even as i am slightly impatient with myself)

c a n n o t s e e m to f o c u s

goddammit firefox

whoa what's this css glitch

missed it by one freaking day

so fucking jittery

friday!!! did not realize i was so excited for this week to be over but i AM

1204885 feel

solid use of the em dash

in any case i am feeling — so so so happy, and so grateful.

friday again! what a streak

Not very christmassy!


now it's sunday


never seem to think of this on friday

goblet goblet, said the fancy turkey


all bubbly and giddy !!!

make linux font rendering great for the very first time

i keep getting crushes on straight girls

tired of being sexualized, in my head.

empty feelings are a feature


if i bought a 10-pack of usb to lightning cables for $75, would anybody want one? per unit ($7.5 + tax), it's much cheaper than buying just one ($15 + tax)

solidarity II

what if i never stop sweating

i'm moving to prospect park

rather alright

gimme that chana masala

startup idea: a society where nobody steals an unlocked bike, because everybody tacitly understands it would be cool to just leave a bike unlocked outside

i had a burrito made of impossible meat, and it gave me impossible gas

is this what depressed is?

no no noooooooooooo







cooking tip: turn off stove when you smell burnt food

bye lent




thriving decay under leaves and trimmings

the new mountain goats album fucking rules

Ah, décidément! Ça m'a vraiment fait peur L'Assommoir, je suis prise de taf*. Quel livre plein de misère! Je n'arrive pas à dormir.

I read Nadja by Breton, and now I feel warm

whoa a mukltiline feeling

like a coconut

i guess.

think like a horse, act globally




just another industry player



n word





a little dehydrated, but energized by a newfound want to live a prosperous life. lets go !

annoyed (and also silly/stupid)

great, thank you


dread, terror, hopelessness

weirdly busy


I'm feeling anxious. I can tell because I have a tension headache and my face has hives.

like i can't do it

innocence and despair


now on tls 1.3

i'm feeling good - watched a movie with my gf last night and has a good time! today... chores.

Nervous about the pandemic

some people are winning the lottery tonight

overwatch tip: always say, "let's go left when we leave the entrance," two seconds before the door opens

feelin good today


woke up feeling the same as yesterday and two days before that.

like a cup that's empty yet also is overflowing onto the pavement

slow day

i wish everything could be .txt

this sms to web feature is really cool

a still pond

feeling good

three feelings about love

why can’t i love the person who checks all of the boxes?

mothra always seemed kinda cool to me

movies i saw this year that i loved: last days of disco, mr. jealousy, monos, good boys, the farewell, schizopolis, transit, the graduation (2016), cold war, y tu mama tambien

i feel like this website died down, just as i figured out how to compute a weekdays in a localized time zone using JavaScript

and that's murder

a role model is just a way of turning a real person into a fictionalized version of a real person

I feel like this is a good way to test if my texts are broken or if all my friends are just ignoring me

barnacles is going away soon. the domain became too expensive. sorry

the american literacy rate is 86% \

but what do i know

Memories only go so far

And also 420


The world is a lot

Hey daddy here’s all my love

hi what’s up

ok on verizon you can’t text a number with letters


you heard Plantasia yet?



"why are you smashing your bongs, dude / long story" -team chat

ig #cancersucks is an intense hashtag


say it with me, loud and proud: F O O D P O I S O N I N G

maybe i should stop studying at university and start really learning to bake? thoughts??

Cool site btw

it's Friday!

good man

Good man! Please note a good bonus - slots, roulette and blackjack games. http://bit.ly/2J93QTJ

Sooo gooood and so boring

bought non-alcoholic beer by accident

Good day! Look at a best - Deposit now $/€ 10 - and you will be able to play with $/€ 20 or even $/€ 30. Are you in? http://bit.ly/2J98gtI


punished me

i hate distance

friday yay

feel the non gray

resident good



i guess we should just ban bit.ly URLs



announcement: the new URL is going to be feelings.horse because .blackfriday domains are now $100/year

rdr2 depresses me


I miss u




I haven't seen a single paper towel in nine days AMA

writing a letter to a penpal, birth of a new day

I'm OK.

I have a cursed hand

Dads at the door


Time is too fast and too slow

... I'm sad

I'm not easily wowed

This is the first website I go to when I have to calibrate the scroll wheel speed on a new mouse. Octothorpe digital millenium am i right

PSA: you can buy games on platforms that aren't steam. they are all way better than steam. you literally can't go wrong, just by not using steam

And now his tissue, which had fought joyously against time, gave up a little. His young skin turned old, his clear eyes dulled, and a little stoop came to his great shoulders. Liza with her acceptance could take care of tragedy; she had no real hope this side of Heaven. But Samuel had put up a laughing wall against natural laws, and Una's death breached his battlements. He became an old man. (Steinbeck)

put together a jarvis desk. everything hurts, but in a good way. sun coming up soon


timezone bug #2 fixed!


Subway lady just asked about frogfeels


timezone bug fixed!

of this i am certain

it is friday in new york

what day do you think it is??

getting ready for the Monaco Grand Prix in my heart

I don't want to be itchy and sad anymore


shinee is pretty cool

a dog named garlic

stompy baby

disoriented baby dodging stomping boots, spikey pokes and magnetic holes

some stainless steel mixing bowls are better than others

slowly learning how to be more direct with my feelings

are curly fries vegetarian

we were never meant to know this much

I woke up with my throat feeling awful. I think I ate some bad food last night.

Sad dreary feelings on a sad dreary day

Just missed it



hi jared

A frog boi

Crying over food you dropped

Big banana

Hey I’m Jared, I’m nineteen and I never fucking learnt how to read

harder to tell whether something is spam or not



b meme

caving to massive public pressure, nyc is now capitalized

but you will never know them wahahaha k bye

also i have feelins

but why would you spell enn why cee in lowercase letters anyway, it looks like just the name of some '90s teen pop star

in other news i do not know how to read

oh. well i guess it's always friday somewhere

less than 15 minutes from friday yet i cannot hold back the feelins

even though it's spam, that's cool-looking spam


funny as all get out; pretty as all get out; rainy as all get out; ____ as all get out

colon vertical bar

what happened to finding out bad news slowly

Feeling like dating OK Google girl


Reddit Enhancement Suite end-of-life'd their Safari extension in protest of Safari Extension API changes, so now maybe I gotta switch to Firefox

Submit Query

We undress like suitcases opening after a long trip -Hala Alyan

i feel solid

feelings.blackfriday is now a node.js service. typescript/flow > haskell, i'll say it


listen to nina simone


jazz so smooth you'll blur through time



second friday!

the grain of wood is the tabby of my mind

where do we go from here

When you're isolated by yourself and trying to create something new and no one else understands what you're doing.

how do you remember how to work after a long vacation?

the album art for tmbg's "i like fun", reminiscent of the one david foster wallace's wife made for "the pale king," is the most accurate one yet - it's an album of songs with pieces cut out and moved around, snippets of voice and sound in places they don't belong, adding up to something hypnotic and joyfully weird

super pisces

it's time for content!


my entire body appears to be made of cortisol right now

give it time

this ain't friday??

Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans

I am spellbound right now


dogs chase cars because they too hate urban sprawl

let's form a mystery team

Happy 2018 🎉

taking time off for mental health 🌹

harry potter short-story fanfic idea: a splinching detector notices that a wizard has splinched himself during apparition but he cannot figure out what piece of himself he lost

why would you want to


Can I spam this?


.blackfriday domains are now $40/year, and i am stuck

if i woke up to a fire i would save my out-of-print band t-shirts first

an emotionally deep well

don't go chasing likes or waterfalls

remember how good undertale was?

I'm jealous of your nintendo64 hoodie



idea: anthology where one character is reincarnated over and over. and it’s NOT cloud atlas before you even point that out

sloppy feelingz

ok! we now have a spam filter

last spam filter test

spam filter test

spam filter test

spamfilter test

spam\r\nfilter test

Life has no meaning

kill me


can you oof my pussi?









7:00 is too early

Mario odyssey all day

the plane is occupied by well-off unmarried men. i am in love them and their outsized hirsute hands, unadorned with wedding rings or hard labor. they wear apples watches and they cheerfully grow out their manes into plumes. are they ahppy? do they rent or own? do they take their zipcars across the empty expanses of decaying american highways in search of anything greater and more noble than business deals and corporate mergers? do they wonder about old age, and is it that old age looms from far up ahead or rather suffuses like cold through a window? who are they? what are they? at what point do we get angry -- real fist-into-a-ball anger -- about what they have done to the pre-boarding process at airports across the world? but these men sleep. let them

kate beaton is posting comics about her sister to twitter and they’re great, absolutely great

😂😂😂😂🅱🅱😂 🅱🅱🅱😂🅱🅱😂 🅱🅱🅱😂🅱🅱😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂🅱🅱😂🅱🅱🅱 😂🅱🅱😂🅱🅱🅱 😂🅱🅱😂😂😂😂

i'm ok 👌


remember all that spam what was that all about

Stranger Thangs

maybe therapy will help



goin ham on that sandwich


spookin in the wrong neighborhood


sign my guestbook

is it a sign / i wrote a poem in my car this morning / i named a github project poem / here i am/ writing a poem / but it's not friday

no gray punishment today

beep beep lettuce

gray punished?

feelings.blackfriday: the only social network where you never have to log in

how crazy would that be

what if we moved to LA

Plato more like playdough

Cheetos president

The phantom of the opera but she ends up w the phantom

i like LA


cruisin' USA

surfing USA

s04e01 bojack horseman - spot the illustration of slack, the chat app

bad taste after a breakup

like january, when there's nothing else to do

instead of subscribing to netflix and hulu 24/7, pick one month a year and watch all the content at once

its too hard to sit at my desk today

Local Septuagenarian Turns Off TV, Registers to Volunteer at Soup Kitchen



tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start

I just feel so underqualified for the world

let's make art together

critics are never satisfied and rarely coherent

do three new things, see which one you like the most #threenewthings #threegoodthings

Panic ! What am I going to do with the rest of my life?


It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel like It's the end of the world as we know it

If you're depressed and you know it clap your hands


If you're depressed and you know it clap your hands

Take on me

remember last week's weather


I keep telling people to have a great weekend, then realizing its Thursday *shrug*



Turns out I'm not so bad

in retrospect, i didn't ask for any of this

Summertime fucking sadness

Realizing it's already 1am

wake up inside me

it's just people with regional dialects touching boxes of bees without gloves or veils

one of the most inspirational things you can do for yourself is search "move bee swarm" on youtube


Possessing frogs in New Donk City

I spent three hours looking up old high school friends on Twitter and one of them is now an advocate for senior citizens' rights and I spent three hours looking up old high school friends on Twitter

remember when we celebrated Friday?

wake me up inside


memes are not for me me


The way to get back at Starbucks is to get their name wrong too; like have you tried going up to the counter and tried ordering a Big Mac? Egg on their face.

when they get your name wrong at Starbucks

thank you my child

you're welcome

meme is me

When there's no toothpaste left

When pepe is ur boi

When u type w/ 1 finger

When ur mom kicks you out of the house

feed me that hot gos

a kinship is made up of three sails: the sail of friendship, the sail of history, and the sail of rhythm

haruko's shackle bracelet


<script> alert("Sup Earth") </script>

90's nostalgia like woah

you have got to be fucking kidding me

going down yet another rabbit hole instead of finishing a code challenge

it's $3 to accidentally take a bus from times square to staten island and $100 to take a cab back

the little dog with a big imagination


"trickling springs" whole milk comes in a glass bottle and tastes warm, faintly sweet. seek it out

Where in the world is Sandiego

All the buildings around you are a secret gundam

stepping on a turd



accidentally peeing on your sock

the cold concentrated coffee drops that collect in the bottom of your morning mug ☕️

taxes be hot in these streets

ness / it hurts, ness

strange... Very strange

for a good time, do an image search on the phrase "japan metro system"




<style>body { background: white; }</style>








still not feeling it

not feeling it

lost an hour


I feel like pizza


this morning when i woke up / it was colder than the morning before / and so i put on a big heavy bathrobe / before i made coffee out of those / shimmering obsidian pebbles / from far away

people sometimes spend all their lives trying to make one big thing / and forget to make all the small things / they could have made / instead

I would like someone to write poetry to me.

we love each other / and so we make plans to see each other / infrequently / but upon arrival / it seems imprudent to let love / interrupt the rare moments we have together / so for now it seems / we will just have to be / secretly in love with each other

i saw "timecode" (an oscar-nominated live-action short) at IFC and it was beautiful

sussudio demands vinyl

i'm not a real doctor but i am a real worm


im craving a chicago style pizza with bacon and extra bacon

Aww, you totally made my day!

there's a feature in frog feels that i want to talk about. on the home page, even if you draw something misshapen, the confirmation page shows you a zoomed out version without a grid. and, 9 times out of 10, it looks so much nicer. it is like an instant jolt of happiness. on page one you drew something that you were perhaps hesitant about. but as soon as you submit your work to the outside world, you are able to evaluate your own work after taking a step back. you were simply too close to what you were making. it is like a perfect little metaphor for creating art

in a forest clearing you see a guitar lying on the ground, with grass and moss growing through it

Classy spots are very different if you're with a regular

I missed Friday again


hello from an alternate reality where i live in vermont with my wife and kid

I would play Jumanji, consequences be damned

Windows 95

Zine based operating system


and that's when I said "fuck it" and straight up dropped trou and popped a shit right then and there

will I ever be warm again?

year-long projects rarely pan out

Regular sleep is so important but it's the first thing to go out the window

a bad seinfeld impression is a good seinfield impression.


cock blocker

cock lobster

homoiconic homoerotica

I'm the king and queen of keyboard shortcuts

do you ever stop checking in with your feelings and then it's really hard to check back in but also you feel sad all the time and don't know why


you make my dreams come true

putting your unwanted clothes in a bag and leaving it on the curb isn't as good as donating it to goodwill, but it feels more punk

it's no christmas until it snows for real

milk & honey

i got snow

who got snow

I love the Honda ASIMO robot. Like deep, I want him to be my best friend and son, feelings

The new iOS frog emoji is creepier

I hate my bank

Fighting a cold, punching it down

_certain women_: ✶✶✶✶✶/5: short stories about women, 16mm film, montana, and a whole lot of fun

your mom is like a pax 2, she has a deeper oven also

+1 sad

Exhausted, empty... feeling stuck in time


Wanting a new dog everyday

5am is the new 3am


ical spam except they contain coded cries for help

cyber cyber

gobble gobble

I’m okay with this new world where at least a little EDM is in everything

took a nap and a siesta at work

Interested in some streamlined, fun, whimsical d&d

subjective-c programming

twilio has made the world objectively worse

there is no good scraper

the girl with the regrettable tattoo

it turns out i'm a huge fan of prog rock

so, other countries, what up

when did 5pm get so gloomy?

god somebody just freeze me and wake me up in 30 hours

everyone likes taco rice but no one likes sushi pizza

sad handy

auto-erotic semiotics

dat salvia

a car almost ran into me at a crosswalk with two seconds left on the clock and, because i don't feel anything inside, i just kept on walking

resolution: never get excited about anything again

already burnt out with 3 more weeks to go

feels ... bad

i lost a $50 umbrella today. doesn't feel good

short term 12 is a c+ movie (c+ is the best grade a movie can get)



atlanta (the tv show) is a refreshing breath of fresh air. it has an intelligent and affecting take on what it means to be a lower-class black guy or girl in america these days, and it has a fun lynchian surrealist streak mixed in. it's strange and sad how few tv shows we can point to that attempt to depict actual poverty, and not just the "we are unemployed but we still live in a huge apartment and we still go out to bars" fake poverty we've been spoon fed. the show is helmed by donald glover, who i think more than proves himself to be a television auteur. my strong feeling: would recommend

i'm gonna try journaling

makeouts on stakeouts

it's too skinny to be a toad

there's a frog that keeps trying to enter my parents' house

taste test of freshdirect coffee beans: "african sidamo" takes home the cup

Hao meow, brown lao?

13th is an A+ movie

being open/honest with people has been paying off like crazy this week

should've brushed my hair before leaving for work today

What's that? More insomnia? Aw you shouldn't have 💍



Hello insomnia my old friend

you're really sad

Oh shit feelings replies to your texts now

Hao that's really sad

entropy is extra low today


you never forget how to run

moxie, which is there so little of these days

Actual rage

bum foot still remembers how to run, after all this time

had my first lentil soup of fall

but are we ready

salad just wants to be our friend

Sunday Candy


exploring caves and fucking ghosts

frog feelings are innocently semenotic

frog feels seems dangerously semiotically close to alt-right movement


Life was never worse but never better

Salt n pepa, and heavy-d up in the limousine

Please make this website responsive. Favicon should be an entirely black box

My legs are in pain... Too much bycicles

Hula hooping

In bed is a nice place for edibles

my daemon is cate blanchett

my daemon is an ipod, i'm pretty sure of it

golden compass is one hell of a book

'crookshanks, but no crookshanks'

best cat name?

cyberpunk bartender action

vodka soda mmm mmm

it's friday

ios10 upgrade is the best one since ios6

i like greenpoint

looking forward to the most tropical of storms

RIP jon polito

we need a favicon for this website; any ideas

ios10 is an ios for fluffy-fingered people


yay it does

this should now respond


hot indian on hot day with hot chick

i think we're all surprised that a spambot hasn't found this place yet

I love the friday feelings website

every time it storms, I secretly hope for the power to blow

i was more of a highlights man

i used to read word up magazine

life without a phone.

i used to be very sick



Sometimes you just gotta take a sick day

This week is so raven

Don't look up!

"drinks go in; feelings come out" - someone else, anonymously

Thank goodness

I just ate a tub of ice cream

it needs to be sushi time, not hacking time

go vote https://sky-carver.hyperdev.space

you can put kimchi in any food you make to get the korean version of that food


fridays used to be better

guys, I'm _really_ good at coffee

up early, don't know why


Friday's not the same without you

I wrote some good hacks today

shoe rack smaller than advertised

I saw someone do the best thriller dance last night

What if you combined whisky and hot sauce?

working out again, feelin' super cute.

aggressively lonely

what's your fuck style

hot salsa is a whole new kind of salsa

gigolo puff

it's hot

i'm so into you, got everyone watching us

OMG it's friday

is it friday

jjigaely puff

get jiggy for jjigae

Just had Poke for the first time. In my top 3 fish list

whoo hoo hoo, we've got some feelings today

adults: do whatever you want, there are no constraints on your behavior and you are supposed to feel 'liberated' by this idea

I'm glad I had feelings today

kids: masticate, don't flagellate

it's not friday

how do i make it to #friday #brisket #?

i bought cucumber watermelon soap and i'm already sick of the smell and the bag says it's good for two more refills and i don't know if i have it in me

make a hole with a gun perpendicular / to the name of this down with a desktop globe


concert season is upon us

love is a giant turtle bringing you tea

in love with Ana

feels like a ghibli night

remember dinosaurs?

also people should reach out to old friends more often

like in a separate packet

cereal should come with milk

what if you only got one wish

I wish I could work four days a week for ten hours instead

everything is dumb

This is my jam

I feel like fireworks

@interns i have the same problem with my (singular) intern!

I wish I had more interesting projects for my interns to work on


I'm ashy

Mysteries abound

is this website one person exercising a lot, or lots of people exercising a little

Sore all over

I need to learn to make Takoyaki and have a party

feeling like I have a new favorite cheese

crazy sore, I should do yoga

most feelings are weather-related feelings


no sweaty


everything is the same

my apartment smells like meatballs

sweaty again

poisoning myself in a horse stable. melancholia

Eggstremely hot today

Cats are fun to draw

Eating cereal straight from the box. Melancholy

i've never met him but i think i'm in love with dan abramov solely based on how much i love redux

Jack is feeling

Jack _is_ a feeling

Jack is a feeling

feeling like working from home today

the warcraft movie is supposed to be huge in china right now

wishing it was friday

I want to know if the warcraft movie was good or not

I feel magical

My OP-1 collects dust, and I have synth guilt

I mean, it's no Tropic Thunder

Zoolander 2 isn't so bad

and by act iii it's a parable about identity essentialism

this started out like a fun comedy

so i'm watching zootopia

There's cool stuff on the upper east side

tomorrow is make up a national holiday day



i feel like the https cert expired


deport illegals #DTRUMP2016

how was immigration jail

it's good to be home

"did the obgyn give you an IUDIOU" i asked and the answer was yes

my nails are all different lengths and it's bugging me

... at gunpoint

In hot Toronto news, the pandas at the zoo had a baby

Remember BlackBerries? I saw one today


a fee

I feel like you have a few coming

So bad at taxes

did the obgyn give you an IUDIOU

failed IUD insertions are no fun

a border collie rubbed against my leg at madison square eats and my heart melted

I wonder what life was like in the year 420

i think it'd be I N N O V A T I V E

what if someone used the phone number as their 2FA

i'm hard

Man, yoga is hard!


I feel like I'm allergic to squid ink

seriously does anyone need an assistant?

the itchiness has begun

i'm running out of tv to watch and i'm scared of what will happen to me

Fridays: they used to be better

What canadian dignataries have YOU run into lately

Almost ran into prime minister Trudeau yesterday

Nostalgia, change, terror

Gray gravy

oh sure i'll marry you zoe kazan, only if you insist zoe kazan

come on dodwnkfjds, dodwnkfjd with the Capitalists



Grey punishing is murder



I feel like this'll work

i feel ashamed

most phones let you use letters (something i discovered while doing this)

that's 16314003335 for those of us with smartphones

this is going to be bigger than facebook

⛪. 🐎

I'm feeling my phone

best website ever

mr. watson cum over here

too vulnerable

my ankle is a watermelon

my ankle is a cranberry

shouldn't have skipped that workout

┗┃・ ■ ・┃┛

I feel like writing something, but I don't know what.

best website ever

Seen backwards by Billy, the story went like this: American planes, full of holes and wounded men and corpses took off backwards from an airfield in England. Over France, a few German fighter planes flew at them backwards, sucked bullets and shell fragments from some of the planes and crewmen. They did the same for wrecked American bombers on the ground, and those planes flew up backwards to join the formation. / The formation flew backwards over a German city that was in flames. The bombers opened their bomb bay doors, exerted a miraculous magnetism which shrunk the fires, gathered them into cylindrical steel containers , and lifted the containers into the bellies of the planes. The containers were stored neatly in racks. The Germans below had miraculous devices of their own, which were long steel tubes. They used them to suck more fragments from the crewmen and planes. But there were still a few wounded Americans though and some of the bombers were in bad repair. Over France though, German fighters came up again, made everything and everybody as good as new. / When the bombers got back to their base, the steel cylinders were taken from the racks and shipped back to the United States of America, where factories were operating night and day, dismantling the cylinders, separating the dangerous contents into minerals. Touchingly, it was mainly women who did this work. The minerals were then shipped to specialists in remote areas. It was their business to put them into the ground, to hide them cleverly, so they would never hurt anybody ever again. –vonnegut

it is useful to reflect that racism, xenophobia, grandiosity and fear are still with us, and the defeat of one of their manifestations does not inoculate us against others –roger ebert

dogs can evince surprise

Feelings of an almost hangover

ate too much gravy

susan bones' orphan concern

three more minutes


the one time a week we can have valid feelings

guys its feelings time

how to lose weight in four easy steps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mbp0DugfCA

snow boots are a ripoff

hungry for cock


maybe i should've taken down my air conditioner

https certificate is going to expire soon

first feelings are punished, then everybody's given a barcode, slippery slope

i feel like it's not that bad to punish people for having feelings incorrectly

feelings.blackfriday is an exercise in patience, a meditation on the concept of *sisu*, a challenge you can give to yourself to be the master of your own feelings

i'm having feelings on a Thursday and feel like I'm being punished for it (resulting in yet more feelings on a Thursday)

ok, no sqlite but now it does write to a temp file and then rename (POSIX atomicity baby we're gonna live forever)

bad job and then great job, mayor

feel good that no feelings were lost in the outage

susan mamilton's mammal concern



can't talk to humans, fuck

ugh, our first feelings catastrophe

i am unsure about feelings on other people's feelings

"glad she said yes" wow. my soul is struck by how short and beautiful this sentiment was.

how often do you get the chance to be part of something great

i feel like susan hamilton's can be a rollicking success if we all pitch in and make it one

glad she said yes

three sweet hours until fallout 4 is released

i just spilled water all over my sofa and carpet

it makes me feel angry

its says its not Friday... but I know it is

hey friday feelings


hi i'm google's spider, i'm spidering away, my spider legs get so heavy when i'm spidering this hard

i've been saving them up all week

i have so many feelings to feel

i can't wait until it's friday

i feel hopeful

i feel uncertain and afraid

today has been full of a lot of feelings

i feel awful because ian did the crossword without us


Sorry it's not technically Friday. I promise it was when the feelings happened.

Guys feelings can be so real and so hard sometimes. It feels good when people just listen and say yeah it's hard, but I bet we can make it through

Best website

Literally I forgot about this website

hi ian

doug is underneath the table retrieving food scraps, wolf-like, desirous

it's not friday but it feels like friday. does this website understand that? does this website understand the stakes of humanity

our lives have gotten worse, as predicted

this is the best our lives will ever get

new server

Thank God. I've been waiting for zombocom 2.0. Thanks for bringing it to us.

i feel bloo

'this MVar is gonna lose all our feelings' is the official motto of this website

Hi, I'm a venture Snapitalist and I'm looking to invest some Snapital into this Snap app

HAO is like the only person buying blackfriday domains.

I'm tired

Can someone from the staff please contact me? I am looking to invest in this startup.

this is stupid


is it friday yet?








i feel good about this https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9462194

pottermore. win

i mean, it tells you right upfront whether it's friday or not

new tmbg album is great, as always

i feel hopeful

your friday doesn't matter


worst site ever

wait what the fuck, that was totally posted on a friday. why am I gray?

i don't know about that, but hurray for friday


i feel like feelings.blackfriday is the best website any of us have made so far


i feel like friday is nigh

guys, it's almost friday!

type a feeling



i truly feel like no cares about my feelings right now

i feel like there's a gap here and some of my feelings have been lost to the ether

i feel like i'm being censored


if every website is a unix command, then this is `tail -f /dev/textbox >> feelings.txt`

i learned about the internet this week, and it made me mad

i feel like hydrix is very neat

i feel like i don't understand use-package 2.0

Lunch is hard

question: what kind of website would freelings.blackfriday be



I feel like we should have premium yearly MetroCards http://www.mycommutertaxsave.com/faq_premiumcard.htm

i am currently posting this from Netscape 7.02, in OS 9

I feel that Ian's tech talk went great

I feel like we all have more feelings than we let on

i missed it :(







feeling: every day, you should flip one random bit in every past feeling

that's the dumbest feature


if you want people to read your feeling, you need to post them on friday

_why don't the feelings slowly fade out as they get older_

_why is this text so grey_

_why is this font so small_

i feel like it's too hard to read now

what is 2015-09-10T23:06:45.205Z


tab test

it works!

serialization test

i feel like feelings blackfriday will be going down intermittently while we upgrade the website

also i've been skipping lunch and eating a big dinner. it's cut down on the amount of moldy leftovers, a little.

i did that with my pulled pork! people made fun of me, _hard_. just be prepared.

I feel like I have to throw way too much food out and I should start brining it to lunch instead.

doug's a blue kite

oh I'M the kite


████████ ████ ███ █ █ ████ ██ ██████. █████ ██████ █ ████████ ██ ████ ███ ██.

feeling: there are way too many distractions

hao's doing a great job. we should all give hao $100

well at least hao's doing a better job than github pages

3179 ms is crazy! hao.codes goes to a GitHub server

I just got 13 seconds. I would assume its something up with rootbeerguy since barnacles is also sometimes slow.

i just refreshed and got a 5 second load. never seen it before. didn't believe it until now. definitely not a dns issue.

white-space: pre man c'mon

feelings.blackfriday: 1152 msec barnacles.blackfriday: 1156 msec google.com: 9 msec hao.codes: 3179 msec bobbygrace.info: 10 msec ianthehenry.com: 35 msec aarondufour.com: 127 msec these numbers are extremely scientific

what the fuck dns server is this on

feeling: feeling: feeling: feeling

i figured out why the first request is slow: it's because your computer is doing DNS lookup for the very first time

vvv hao

what if we doxxed each other right now


that's what you sound like

"i wonder how many of us are identifiable by how we talk or what we say"

feeling: if you force everyone to lower case, it's more anonymous

i feel like reverse-order threaded is hard to follow

i feel scared because i just got a 5 second page load

so let's say i have a haskell that


feeling: i don't know if we should prefix our feelings with "feeling:" or not

i wonder how many of us are identifiable by how we talk or what we say

meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

the user who keeps typing wobsite has definitely deanonymized him/herself

i take back the slow comment, though; i musta made the first page load or something gotta love laziness amirite

it most definitely is not friday this wobsite is a lie

I Feel Like Using Capital Letters

this website sucks, wait until blackfeelings.blackfriday is up, my name is ian

I'm sad this doesn't have upvotes.

I'm sad this text area is small.

"No one calls Michael mhp anymore" makes me laugh. I'm happy.


isn't it weird that we're all just updating an MVar right now

hi lauren, i'm demoing. i'm a demoing baby

feeling: i'm upset that tabbing over to the "submit" button doesn't higlight it

it's absurd that you're serving a CSS file and yet this box is still this small

this reminds me of basilica 0.1

what if copying and pasting wasn't an option

what if you figured out how to get a repl in a running haskell process so you could recover these feelings

this MVar is gonna lose all our feelings

feelings should return a static text file, and this box should `>>` into it but reversed

no one calls michael mhp anymore

wow, we had the same feelings


xss attack <>&"

i think the first HTTP request causes quite a bit of Snap initialization but then it's smooth sailing

169ms load is not very slow

this wobsite is quite slow, cmon haskell what're you doin

it's not friday